16th International Conference on Distributed Computing and Internet Technology
9th – 12th January 2020
Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India

Accepted Papers

Regular Papers

1. A Buyer and Seller’s protocol via utilization of smart contracts using Blockchain Technology
Priyanka Kumar, Dhanush G A, Srivatsa D, Nithin A and Sahisnu S.
2. Secure Content-based Image Retrieval using Combined Features in Cloud
Anju J and Shreelekshmi R.
3. Design of a scheduling approach for budget-deadline constrained applications in heterogeneous clouds
Naela Rizvi and Dharavath Ramesh.
4. Community Detection in Social Networks using Deep Learning
Dhilber M and Durga Bhavani S.
5. Online Context-Adaptive Energy-Aware Security Allocation in Mobile Devices: A Tale of Two Algorithms
Asai Asaithambi, Ayan Dutta, Chandrika Rao and Swapnoneel Roy.
6. Text Document Clustering using Community Discovery Approach
Anu Beniwal, Gourav Roy and Durga Bhavani S.
7. Round-Message Trade-off in Distributed Steiner Tree Construction in the $mathcal{CONGEST}$ model
Parikshit Saikia and Sushanta Karmakar.
8. Word2vec’s Distributed Word Representation for Hindi Word Sense Disambiguation
Archana Kumari and D.K. Lobiyal.
9. Distributed and Lazy Auditing of Outsourced Data
Amit Kumar Dwivedi, Naveen Kumar and Mayank Pathela.
10. HealthChain: A Secure Scalable Health Care Data Management System Using Blockchain
Abdul Rahoof and Deepthi V R.
11. Multi-Winner Heterogeneous Spectrum Auction Mechanism for Channel Allocation in Cognitive Radio Networks
Monisha Devi, Nityananda Sarma and Sanjib Deka.
12. Resource Scheduling for Tasks of a Workflow in Cloud Environment
Kamalesh Karmakar, Rajib K Das and Sunirmal Khatua.
13. An Efficient Message Transmission and Verification Scheme for VANETs
Kunal Bajaj, Trupil Limbasiya and Debasis Das.
14. Generalised Dining Philosophers as Feedback Control
Venkatesh Choppella, Arjun Sanjeev, Kasturi Viswanath and Bharat Jayaraman.
15. Transcript Management Using Blockchain enabled Smart Contracts
Kirtan Patel and Manik Lal Das.
16. A hybrid Approach for Fake News Detection in Twitter based on User Features and Graph Embedding
Tarek Hamdi, Hamda Slimi, Ibrahim Bounhas and Slimani Yahya.
17. Bearing Fault Classification using Wavelet Energy and Autoencoder
Sandeep Udmale and Sanjay Kumar Singh.
18. A Framework Towards Generalized Mid-term Energy Forecasting Model for
Industrial Sector in Smart Grid
Manali Chakraborty, Sourasekhar Banerjee and Nabendu Chaki.
19. Verifying Implicitly Quantified Modal Logic over dynamic networks of processes
Anantha Padmanabha and R. Ramanujam.
20. An Online Low-Cost System for Air Quality Monitoring, Prediction, and Warning
Rishi Sharma, Tushar Saini, Praveen Kumar, Ankush Pathania, Khyathi Chittineni, Pratik Chaturvedi and Varun Dutt.

Short Papers

1. Uniform Circle Formation By Fat Robots Under Limited Visibility.
Moumita Mondal and Sruti Gan Chaudhuri.
2. Histopathological Image Classification by Optimized Neural Network using IGSA.
Himanshu Mittal, Mukesh Saraswat and Raju Pal.
3. Identifying Reduced Features based on IG-Threshold for DoS Attack Detection using PART.
Deepak Kshirsagar and Sandeep Kumar.
4. MapReduce based Improved Quick Reduct Algorithm in Incomplete Decision Systems (MR_IQRA_IDS)
Sowkuntla Pandu and P. S. V. S. Sai Prasad.