ICDCIT 2022 Accepted Papers

S. No Paper ID Author Names Titile Track Category
1 36 Suman   Banerjee, Abhishek Dogra, Anurag Kumar Singh and Subhasis Bhattacharjee A Distributed Algorithm for Constructing an   Independent Dominating Set DC Full Paper
2 43 Sharmistha   Mandal, Sk Shahryar Saify, Anurita Ghosh, Giridhar Maji, Sunirmal Khatua and   Rajib K Das An Approach to Cost Minimization with EC2   Spot Instances using VM based Migration Policy DC Full Paper
3 45 Rizwan   Parveen and Neena Goveas Transforming medical resource utilization   process to verifiable timed automata models in Cyber-Physical Systems DC Full Paper
4 62 Madhukrishna   Priyadarsini and Padmalochan Bera An SDN Implemented Adaptive Load balancing   Scheme for Mobile Networks DC Full Paper
5 Lorenzo Capra Rewriting Logic & Petri Nets: a natural   model for distributed, self-adaptive systems DC Full Paper
6 46 Lalatendu   Behera MCDPS: An Improved Global Scheduling   Algorithm for Multiprocessor Mixed-criticality Systems DC Short Paper
7 65 Kamal   K Agarwal and Hari Babu Replication Based Fault Tolerance Approach   For Cloud DC Short Paper
8 34 Asfahan   Shah and Tanmay Bhowmik A comparative study on MFCC and Fundamental   Frequency based speech emotion classification IT Full Paper
9 60 Sayan   Sen Sarma, Bhabani P Sinha and Koushik   Sinha Efficient Traffic Routing in Smart Cities to   Minimize Evacuation Time during Disasters IT Full Paper
10 66 Vaibhaw   Vaibhaw, Pratik Behera, Vaibhav Bal and Jay Sarraf Early Detection of Parkinson’s Disease as a   Pre-diagnosis Tool Using various classification techniques on Vocal features IT Full Paper
11 71 Pawan   Kumar, Reiben Eappen Reji and Vikram Singh Extracting Emotion Quotient of Viral   Information over Twitter IT Full Paper
12 72 Rajendra   Kumar Roul and Jajati Keshari Sahoo A Novel Modified Harmonic mean combined with   Cohesion Score for Multi-document Summarization IT Full Paper
13 73 Sriram   Dharwada, Jitendra Tembhurne and Tausif Diwan Multi-channel Deep Model for Classification   of Alzheimer’s Disease Using Transfer Learning IT Full Paper
14 42 Rajat   Agarwal, Vaishnav Negi, Akshat Kalra and Ankush Mittal Deep Learning and Linguistic based Automatic   Multiple Choice Question generation from text IT Short Paper
15 44 Vipul   Shah, Sandeep Udmale, Vijay Sambhe and Amey Bhole A Deep Multi-Kernel Uniform Capsule Approach   For Hate Speech Detection IT Short Paper
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