DC Track (Sponsored by : Remit2Any)

1.(Best paper) Paper id:

693, “Filling MIS Vertices of a Graph by Myopic Luminous Robots.”
Authors: Subhajit Pramanick, Sai Vamshi Samala, Debasish Pattanayak and Partha Sarathi Mandal.

2. (Best student paper) Paper id:

7141, “Multiple Criteria Decision Making-based Task Offloading and Scheduling in Fog Environment”
Authors: Nidhi Kumari and Prasanta K. Jana.

Sponsor : Remit2Any

A blockchain based remittance business which enables transfers of funds across countries. We deliver smiles to both sender and receiver using our service by providing best possible rates.

Parent company: Mokshagna Technologies:

(Objective: To carry on the business of online technology services and advisory services in relation to developing, designing, marketing, trading, transferring, exporting, importing, buying and selling of all types software’s and technological platforms for the digital assets and currencies including running of own block chain for public and private and to engage in all businesses as may be related or ancillary to the aforesaid business areas.

IT Track (Sponsored by : KIIT)

1. (Best paper) Paper id:

1524, “MCMARS: Hybrid Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Algorithm for Recommender Systems of Mobile Applications”
Authors: Singampalli Tejaswi, V N Sastry and S Durga Bhavani

2. (Best student paper) paper id:

8471, “Opinion Maximization in Signed Social Networks using Centrality Measures and Clustering Techniques”
Authors: Leela Srija Alla and Anjeneya Swami Kare.