SL.No Paper ID Authors Title Track
1 15 Meenakshi Sharma and Nitya Nanda Sarma Utility driven joint time-and-power allocation in Energy-Harvesting Cognitive Radio Relay Networks DC
2 17 Pruthvi Raj Venkatesh and Radha Krishna P An Improved and Efficient Distributed Computing Framework with Intelligent Task Scheduling DC
3 19 Kamalesh Karmakar, Shramana Dey, Rajib K Das and Sunirmal Khatua Scheduling of Containerized Resources for Microservices in Cloud DC
4 32 Akhirul Islam and Manojit Ghose ELITE: Energy and Latency-Optimized Task Offloading for DVFS-Enabled Resource-Constrained Devices in MEC DC
5 35 Abhinav Chakraborty and Krishnendu Mukhopadhyaya Parking Problem by Oblivious Mobile Robots in Infinite Grids DC
6 43 Archak Das, Satakshi Ghosh, Avisek Sharma, Pritam Goswami and Buddhadeb Sau The Computational Landscape of Autonomous Mobile Robots: The Visibility Perspective DC
7 48 Nagalakshmi Sr and Meenakshi D’Souza Coverage Criteria based Testing of IoT Applications DC
8 97 Sharmistha Mandal, Sanjeet Lal, Soumik Sensarma, Srijoyee Saha, Giridhar Maji, Sunirmal Khatua and Rajib Das An Online Algorithm for Cost Minimization of Amazon EC2 Burstable Resources DC
9 101 Gaurav Pareek and Purushothama B R A Practical and Efficient Key-Aggregate Cryptosystem for Dynamic Access Control in Cloud Storage DC
10 7 Prasoon Singh and Lalatendu Behera Prediction of Failure in Scania Truck due to Air Pressure System Failure IT
11 33 Ashok Gadde, Serath Chandra Kommula and Gireesh Kumar T A Multi-Class Classification for Detection of IoT Network attacks using machine learning models IT
12 38 Gadde Ashok, N Ruthvik and Gurusamy Jeyakumar Optimizing Sentiment Analysis on Twitter: Leveraging Hybrid Deep Learning Models for Enhanced Efficiency IT
13 49 Harshitha Bingi and Sobha Rani T Identification of onset and progression of Alzheimer’s disease using Topological Data Analysis IT
14 82 Sumit Kumar Sah and Hategekimana Fidele Enhancing Mario Gaming Using Optimized Reinforcement Learning IT
15 92 Kushagra Agrawal and Nisharg Nargund Deep Learning in Industry 4.0: Transforming Manufacturing through Data-Driven Innovation IT
16 94 Balaji Tk, Annushree Bablani, Sreeja Sr and Hemant Misra SASE: Sentiment Analysis with aspect Specific Evaluation using deep learning with hybrid contextual embedding IT
17 99 Vivek Kumar Rajak and Anjeneya Swami Kare A Genetic Algorithm-Based Heuristic for Rumour Minimization in Social Networks IT
18 104 Aditya Roy Chowdhury, Rohit Ahuja and Angad Manroy A Machine Learning driven Approach For Parkinson’s Prediction using Temporal Data IT
19 106 Sudhakara B. and Shrutilipi Bhattacharjee Prediction of High-resolution Soil Moisture using Multi-source Data and Machine Learning IT
20 107 Parag Bhuyan and Pranav Kumar Singh Evaluating Deep CNNs and Vision Transformers for Plant Leaf Disease Classification IT
21 113 Dr. Rajendra Kumar Roul, Navpreet Navpreet and Dr. Jajati Keshari Sahoo Intelligent Ensemble-Based Road Crack Detection: A Holistic View IT
22 116 Samiksha Tawde, Sandhya Arora and Yashasvee Thakur Online Payment Fraud Detection for Big Data IT
23 118 Anuradha Goswami, Ajey Kumar and Dhanya Pramod Bursty Event Detection Model for Twitter IT
24 119 Kasi Viswanath Dasari, Alok Singh and Rammohan Mallipeddi A General Variable Neighborhood Search Approach for the Clustered Traveling Salesman Problem with d-Relaxed Priority Rule IT